How to Attract Your Soulmate Using the Law of Attraction

The 5 Secrets to Attracting Your Perfect Soulmate

We all want that one special person who understands you, encourages you, supports you, sticks with you and love you more than anyone else.

If you already met such a person, you are definitely lucky. So keep it.

I wrote this article for everyone who's looking to attract their true love - soulmate using the law of attraction and create a loving, vibrant, alive, passionate and harmonious relationship with that person. Either you're already in a relationship or looking for a partner, this article can help :).

If this is what you want, you are in the right place. Stay here and keep on reading to find out...

What You Will Learn In This Article

  • How to attract soulmate using the law of attraction
  • How to be happy with yourself & develop self-love
  • True purpose of every human relationship
  • How to build a conscious relationship with your partner


You Are the Attraction Magnet

Firstly, you must understand that we are perfectly attracting people and things into our life that vibrationally match with our frequency moment-to-moment.

This means if you are not aligned with your nature self which is an imbalanced state, then the people you would be attracting may not be what you exactly desire. 


However, remember that there's a deep purpose for every encounter with a person, they all have something to serve for you in that time and moment.

The Consciousness Creates Everything

The law of attraction is NEVER about others, it's always about you your emotions, your thoughts and your actions. You perfectly create your reality using these 3 tools, which means other people's intention and action do NOT determine your reality at all.


Though, other people's energy doesn't determine your reality, it can still affect your energy. That's why I'm telling you to be careful of who you surround yourself with in life.

Got it?

You can only experience a reality that matches to your vibration, there's NO exception. So if you want to attract a loving, understanding and healthy partner, it means you need to become that loving person first.

I mean, how can you expect to attract that understanding and loving person when you are the opposite person?

No, you can't do that.


Your reality is a glass mirror that reflects your consciousness statement, you never receive what you want or hope for.

You exactly receive what you are.

I mean, how can you expect to attract that understanding and loving person when you are the opposite person?

No, you can't do that.

Now, you are ready to go to the next step...

So what should you exactly do to attract your true love?

5 Secrets That You Probably Don't Know for Manifesting Soulmates

Even if you already understand how the LOA works, you may be confused about this when it comes to love... I get questions about love and relationship quite often from my subscribers who are already familiar with it.

So today, I'm going to share with you the 5 secrets to manifesting the love of your life using the law of attraction, which you probably don't know yet...

#1 - Fall in Love with Yourself First

Yes, this is the most important thing you can do to manifest the love of your life. And this is also usually the hardest step for us to take...

I bet you've heard at least once that you have to love yourself before someone else can love you. The reason is very simple − our ideal partner is a reflection of ourselves


For example, if you are looking to attract a person who truly loves you, you first need to truly love yourself accordingly, because the physical reality is a glass mirror of your consciousness. 

You can't expect to attract the love of your life even though you aren't accepting and loving yourself. Makes sense?

I'm not saying you can't attract people who love you. Of course, you will indeed meet some people who will love/like you at some point of your life, but they aren't likely your true love or soulmate if you're not loving yourself (they could be if you do).

Remember you attract what you are, not what you want or hope for.​

"If you don't love yourself, you can never truly love someone else. How can you give something that you don't even have?" - Reona Saito

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1-1: Self-Love Comes First Before Soulmates Arrives

So what can you do to love yourself?

You need to truly accept the way you are regardless of everything else.


Those who are struggling to love themselves are mostly telling themselves bullshit stories that why they don't deserve to be loved.

"I don't deserve to be loved because I don't look like as perfect as her."

"I'm such a terrible person. God doesn't love me."

Let go of these negative ideas you have towards yourself. And most importantly, you need to...

1-2: Stop Looking for Damn Reasons!

Yes, you need to stop looking for damn reasons to love yourself and telling those negative bullshit stories to yourself, instead, start loving yourself unconditionally. I mean, REALLY unconditionally. You don't need any reason to LOVE yourself.

If there is a reason to do so, it's because you are YOU. This reason is more than enough.

Know you are lovable. Find ways each day to nourish yourself with love, appreciation, positive thoughts, and tenderness.


Try to see the beauty and goodness in you, instead of focusing on the negative sides and making yourself feel miserable and sad. Begin to care for yourself as if you are the most important person in the world, because you really are.

You, as much as you anyone in the universe deserve your love and affection. − Buddha

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#2 - Define Your True Soulmate

What is "ideal partner" for you?

Think about it.​

Because the more vivid your vision is, the better your result will be. This is one of the very basic tips that can make your visualization more powerful! But many of us usually forget about how powerful visualization can be when done in the right away...


You need to be sure of what you want clearly before you can create it. Define your ideal partner and relationship.

2-1: Practice Visualization Daily

Who do you want to be with? What do you want the relationship to feel like? What do you want him/her to look like? What do you want him/her to be like? The answers to these questions will give you a good idea of who you are looking for.


Create a detail profile and image of your ideal partner and imagine yourself being with that person. Know how it smells, tastes, sounds and feels like as if you were with that person, that's what imagination is for − you can have a pre-experience of your desired reality and know how it feels like to live that reality.

Bonus Tip

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#3. Be the Change You Want to See in the World

One of the most powerful methods to attract something into your life is to act, speak, and feel as if you already have what you want which is known as FTM technique. Here's why this is so important when it comes to loving and romantic relationship...

3-1: True Purpose of Every Relationship

The purpose of a relationship is never about filling in the holes of what's missing in your life. This way of thinking will only lead to dependence and disappointment.


The purpose of a relationship is to share your life with another person, to learn and discover more about yourself through others, and to grow even more than you could on your own. This will only happen in a satisfying way if you feel whole and happy before having your partner.

Be the person you want to be before you get into a relationship, and you are preparing yourself for a great relationship, and a great life, as well.

true purpose of relationship

#4 - Trust the Universe & Leave Everything Else

You create your own reality by emitting your energy to the universe. And your "trust" plays a big role in the process of reality creation, because what you feel is a result of what you are trusting/believing.

You know that already, right?


If you don't believe you will ever find your true love, then guess what? You probably won't. So believing and knowing that your soulmate is out there is very crucial for you to attract that person into your life.

4-1: What You Believe = What You Feel

Your emotion is a good sign that shows what kind of beliefs you have and what you are believing. When you don't trust yourself, you experience the sign as "doubt" which makes you worry and feel anxiety, these negative emotions will only create more unwanted situations in your life.

On the other hand, when you are trusting yourself, you feel empowered, motivated and supported. It's a great sign that you are on the right path to manifesting the love of your life. Claim what you want to the universe and leave everything else to it. 

Fear can keep us up all night long, but faith can make us a fine pillow. 

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4-2: Quality Over Time!

Also, many people usually misunderstand that you have to think about what you want all the time in order attract something. It's not true, there's no need of thinking about your soulmate 24/7.


Spending 15-20 minutes of a day visualizing your soulmate is enough, if you do it effectively as I taught you on how to visualize in #2. Claim what you want and leave everything else to the universe, all you have to do is enjoy your life to its fullest while trusting the process even if you can't see it.

#5 - Learn to Be Happy Before You Are in Relationship

If you are not happy with yourself, chances are you aren't happy even if you are in a relationship, because you are the only one who's capable of making yourself happy. If you are depending your happiness on someone else or things − you should realize it can be easily taken away at any time, as they (external things) are always changing without your control.

Don't bet your happiness on anything else, which is not you.

Don't forget that your true happiness always comes from within, and it's literally your inner-job!

5-1: Embarrass Your Life With Love & Awareness

When you're willing to take loving action in your own behalf to bring yourself happiness and joy, then you're no longer dependent upon another to do this for you.


Your happiness will attract others who are also making themselves happy, and opens the door to a happy loving relationship. 

Developing a Conscious Relationship with Your Partner

Have you ever wondered why many of us struggle to find the love we desire or have a successful relationship?

It doesn't happen to many of us because we are not living being true to ourselves. What I mean by this is that people try to find their true love by renouncing themselves in some way, or trying to change themselves in some way.


In the movies, we quite often see the protagonist lover making a solemn commitment saying something like: "I promise I will change myself for your to get your love." and such a relationship may have a happy ending in the movies, but, in reality, it leads to an inevitable break-up, or an unhappy relationship.

Stop Trying So Hard to Please Others

If your motivation to change yourself is to get or keep someone's love, you are already a prisoner to their approval of you and such a mindset always causes you a desperate neediness, which creates a strong "fear" of losing that person. This fear suppresses your nature-self and will cause a lot of problems in your relationship in the long run.

"When you love a person, all fear disappears. And when you're afraid, all love disappears." - Osho

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Remember if you have to suppress your nature-self to get someone’s love, it’s already doomed to failure. Your suppression by itself can create a negativity energy in you which can manifest as neediness, over-sensitivity, over-possessiveness, desperation and sometimes even hatred towards your partner for making you feel so enslaved.

And secondly, if you are trying to be in love with someone out of a need for security, or for the fear of being lonely (being single), this again leads to a loveless relationship since your motivation for the relationship is for all the wrong reasons.


Be aware of what's happening in you is the beginning of the conscious relationship with your partner. Focus on yourself first and then find out what you can do with her/him to resolve the problem in your relationship.

Wrapping It Up

I experienced these things myself (which I've just shared with you above) in the past relationship with my first love. In the end, we ended up choosing the different path for each other due to personal problems we had.

But these experiences opened my eyes and made me realize how individual level of the negativity can affect our relationship. Looking back, I can clearly see that: I had a strong fear of losing her, which eventually had manifested into my reality, unfortunately.

Negativity, especially "fear" is the biggest reason why our relationship fails. People in the happiest relationships, don't have a fear of losing each other because they truly understand they only choose to stay together, simply because that's what they want.


No expectation, commitment or promise is needed to stay together in such a relationship, they simply allow and accept each other to be the best version of themselves. When BOTH people have this high level of thinking (consciousness), you will face less difficulties and problems. In such a relationship, everything is smooth and natural.

This type of relationship is the best and ideal for any kind of relationships.

Just remember your work is never changing others or your partner, it's always about "you" because that's where everything begins from. You first have to be the change you want to see in the world to create what you want.

So claim your truth, feel the love, believe you can have whatever you want, and you will be on your way to manifesting the life and the love you truly desire.

Let Me Know What You Think?

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Also, I have a question for you...

What kind of relationship do you want to have with your partner?

Let me know your ideal relationship in the comments below, or share your tips for how you are keeping your relationship great and healthy.

Any question, request or feedback are welcome too. Thank you for reading till the end. I'm wishing you all the best in your love and relationship :-)

This article has been updated on 19/10/19

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  • Muteeb says:

    Wow! What an article great work dear Reona. You can change the life of so many people who have been engulfed by the negativity, so here you might become a beacon or a ray of hope for all those who have been suffering from this dangerous cycle of negativity as it can produce so many other problems which can halt the bright side of anybody, you are too young according to the job you are doing out there, it’s staggering for me that in this young age how someone can have this level of insight. From your end you are just sharing these articles but how it can create impact on others you can’t understand this matter. So I would like to tell you that please carry on with this job I assure you that you will get the desired result of it. One more thing your writing style is also incredible because you write in a simple manner which is understandable for almost everybody, if studying your article with proper attention and try to learn the theme of it.

    • Reona says:

      Gosh! Thank you so much for the uplifting message Muteeb, this SERIOUSLY made my day! Like REALLY. I know how harmful our thoughts could be, especially when it’s infused with strong negative emotions…I have also experienced the long darkest days. But, I could change myself only because there were “people” who taught me how to get through it, and I’m just doing the same thing to people like you because I CAN. It doesn’t only make me happy but makes my life SO much more meaningful knowing I’m influencing people’s live in a positive way :)

      So there’s no way I would stop this work, this is my passion as well as my soul’s mission, that to push humanity forward and make this planet a better place.

      And as I said in this article, that’s exactly what human relationships are for, helping each other grow and become the best version of ourselves. I’m also leaning a lot of things from our relationships, so thank you for giving me this opporutnity and becoming an awesome friend of mine. You rock Muteeb!

  • Sonia says:

    Hi Reona… Can you please tell me how can I manifest marriage with my love when his parents are not getting agreed because he is six years younger to me?

    • Reona says:

      Hey Sonia,

      That can be achieved through the method called Law of Attraction, which you are already doing every second of your life whether you believe it or not. I bet you are already familiar with it, aren’t you?

      What you are trying to do is a manifest a reality where your boyfriend’s parents agree with your marriage with their son. If that’s the case, I recommend you to visualize yourself having a very good relationship with his parents, imagine how it feels like to be welcomed and accepted by them. Feel the happiness and joy in you that comes from these happy visions, immerse yourself in these positive emotions as long as possible and be consistent with the vibration.

      That’s the key to direct your life in a way you prefer. Once again, your reality is simply a result of your vibrational statement, nothing more.

      Also I wrote a super informative article with very actionable steps for how to use your mind power to attract the life you want, so check it out:

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    I must commend you for this life-changing write-up. Every word fused together to make a sentence underlines the dept of passion and enthusiasm you’ve got towards the course of humanity and a better world. Jst felt a surge of upliftment seeing a young lad like me who shares my vision. Hope you wouldnt turn me down when I do invite you as a guest writer for my blog some day. Nice work brother!

  • Reona says:

    Hey Henry, thank you for the wonderful message! I believe in where my passion takes me, and I’m showing everyone that you can do the same by being an example. I’m glad to have the people like you who has the same vision as mine.

    You must be an awesome person ;) And of course, it’s fine if I’m available at that time, can I ask what’s your blog?

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