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What's Inside the MPM Album?

Lite Album is free to download, Full Album costs $79.

Success Blocks Remover

Duration: 10m 11s 

Focuses on reprogramming your subconscious mind by eliminating old negative beliefs preventing you from achieving your goals.

Manifest Financial Freedom

Duration:  15m 05s 

Free your mind from negative money beliefs with this powerful meditation - activating natural magnetism for enjoying opulent lifestyle.

[Available in Lite]

Ultimate Stress Reliever

Duration: 10m 29s

​This is designed to relieve your stress, bring you deep relaxation and sleep. Recommend listening to this recording before you go to bed.

[Available in Lite]

Abundance Manifestation

Duration: 14m 17s 

​This is a powerful, guided hypnotic meditation that'll help you shift your mindset from a lacking mentality to an abundant state.

The LOA Accelerator

Duration: 10m 08s

​Attract a better life your way with this hypnosis audio! Tap into the cosmic universal power to enable it bring you everything you ever wanted

Untold Depths (Bonus)

Duration: 1h 00m

Tap into delta state with this meditation by Christopher Clarke. It brings you incredible relaxation and connection with the whole.

About the Author

Welcome to the Mind Power Matrix eCourse! I'm Reona Saito, founder of MindsetDev as well as the course instructor for this course. I'm here to teach you how to reprogram your subconscious mind and manifest your heart's desires in the next 7 days... So that you can create a life of abundance and wealth that is truly extraordinary. Become the best version of yourself this year! Let's do this together!

Also I'm currently giving away full Mind Power Matrix ($79 value) for free to some lucky people. Check out your inbox and read #1 lesson for more info!


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