How is the Planetary Consciousness Shift Affecting You in 2020?

How is the Planetary Consciousness Shift Affecting You in 2020?

We are currently in the Great Transformational Age and going through a planetary scale energy shift, where the vibration of Earth is becoming more and more positive. And for the very first time in the long history of Earth, the positive energy had exceeded negative energy (slightly) in 2012. In Mayan calender, 2012 was the beginning of the new age. It was a massive critical mass in terms of energy of the planet.

Just like all the living beings have its consciousness (energy), Earth has its consciousness too.

In this article, I'm going to talk about what planetary consciousness shift is all about and how this energy shift in the planetary and collective consciosuness is affecting you, and how you can use this energy shift to manifest the life you want and become who you want to be.

If you are having a "WTF" moment... read this article first and then come back here, okay? :-)

What You'll Learn in This Article

  • What is Earth's consciousness shift
  • How the consciousness shift is affecting us & our reality
  • What will be happening in 2020 & the next few years
  • The system of parallel realities & how it may be affecting you
  • Being in the flow with the universe


1. What is This Planetary Consciousness Shift All About?

On individual level, this shift has been already (and slowly) taking place since 1960. However, the speed of this energy shift has become much faster, especially in the past recent years since the critical mass in 2012. This energy shift is massively influenced by the planetary consciousness and the collective consciousness. 

So what's going on with this energy shift?

Good question. Basically, Earth is trying to push out its accumulated negativity energy to elevate to a higher dimension − shifting from the current 3.5th dimension to 4th dimension (having an ascension) through the vibrational level.

The negative energy has to be expressed first to be healed/cleared, and the energy is simply being manifested into this reality as a disaster or some planet-scale events that we see in news. The planet is on the process of cleaning and healing itself.


It's a science fact that everything is vibrational and it becomes a reality when it's crystalized. I'm not going talk about this here since I've already covered about this before.

This is the reason why humanity is facing so much negativity and inhumanity conflicts on this planet in the past several years. Especially, 2017 was the year that exactly represented what I've just said, as we faced so much difficulties in human rights, refugees, and terrorism.

Watch the video by Google to review 2017. 

And 2018 was such a transformational year in many ways.

2. What Will Be Happening in the Coming Years?

2019 was full of dramatic and transformational events including good and bad, that greatly influenced us humanity. 

You may see some of events as negative or chaotic, and feeling many things are going backwards (especially with environment and Trump) and thinking they are affecting our society in a bad way. While it is for a short term, but not necessarily for the long term. I can see our society is getting better little by little, because I see more people are waking up every day and choosing a conscious decision, standing up for the human rights and trying to protecting environment. And the people who had always been controling our world behind its curtain, is slowly getting exposed and losing power. That was 2019 in a nutshell! So many things that had always been hidden in the darkness are finally getting spotted under the light.

Yes, things may look chaotic and bleak, but those are the changes we need to go through to build a better society. So things that was not visible to us will likely be more noticeable to us in a way of leaking and exposing. So in a way, chaotic events will be happening more often for a few years to come since we are in the transformational era where Earth is trying to heal itself by pushing out the negativity to raise its vibration. The old system is slowly collapsing, as more people are waking up and making consicious decisions. It is a healing for us, and the planet.

Healing is the process that every soul (consciousness) goes through at some point. It's your soul's desire − to be more developed.

Everyone needs to detox, at some point of their life. At least, we know it's not healthy to keep stress and the negative energy inside us since they can lower our immune system and cause diseases, especially when it's accumurated for a long time. Earth also needs to detox its negative energy once in a while to sustain her and us (life forms).

This healing process is a very natural process of every consciousness and soul.


So in 2020 and the next coming years, we'll likely see more negative and chaotic things coming up on the surface due to the shift in planetary consciousness. However, understand that everything's happening for the better future. Earth is preparing for shifting to a higher dimension by cleaning the lower energy that has been created on the planet by us destroying nature, having wars and etc.

What we have been doing to our mother planet is the same as what cancer cell does to a human body. Earth is not only getting environmental pollution but also thought pollution, and she is trying to heal herself like our organic body system tries to heal itself when it's sick.

This transformational shift is getting more clear and faster every year as you can see what's happening in the world, and probably in your life too.

3. The Meaning of Transformational Era

It's also the reason WHY many of us (energy sensitive people) feel that time is speeding up, which is actually real. This shift is happening with a purpose to make our consequences (vibration = the state of being) more clear and salient.

Don't get it? Or don't know why this is SUPER important to you?

Well, let me clarify.

It's very important because this great transformational consciousness shift is not only a turning point for Earth but also for us.

It will make you become more CLEAR and SALIENT as a state of being.

What's Exactly Gonna Happen With This Shift?

In short, it means a negative person experiences more negativity while a positive one experiences more positivity.

This energy shift makes your energy statement crystal clear.

If you are smart, I bet you already understand that this will also result in "accelerated manifestation" and result in more fixed realities.

Negative people will likely suffer and experience more pains while positive people experience more happiness and joys. This shift is being accelerated and our energy statement is becoming more clear.

The change will become bigger and bigger as time goes on, just like snowball effect.


This means it'll become more difficult for us to change ourselves and experience completely different vibrational realities, which still quite often happens in this time as the world is full of duality yet, but as time goes on it's going to get rare. So if you're living a negative reality, where full of sufferings and pain, then it's going to be hard for you to experience a reality full of happiness and joy as the vibration is more fixed than before. 

Why is that? Well, this has something to do with "parallel world".

4. We Choose Our Own Parallel Reality

Bubble Universes, Universe, Galaxies, Stars

I'm sure you've heard of "parallel world" at least once in your life... unless you lived your whole life in a cave. 

Parallel worlds, or parallel universes, or multiverse, or bubble universes − you name it. Believe it or not, these things are all REAL and that's how the whole universe/dimensions actually work.

People don't like to claim what's uncertain, but yes, you see I'm making a big claim here :-)

(FYI, I've done my research on this matter for more than 10 years so I'm very confident about it as it perfectly makes sense to me).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking you to believe this!


It's just we don't know (yet), since our science hasn't fully reached to a level where it can prove the existence of parallel universe, but we are (Quantum Physics is) actually very close to proving this theory, and it's just a matter of time to reveal the existence of those dimensions, even though it may take more time or decades to reveal the full mechanism of it.

I'm gonna tell you more about this later in this article, so for now, let's go back to the main topic of this transformational shift.

Where Are You (We) Heading?

To explain our current situation clearly, I'll give you an example using train and platform.

There are a number of platforms with its rails, and each of the rails leading to its each unique goal (destination), each one of them has a different consequence of reality. And you are on a train which is heading to its destination, though it's unsure.


Since 2015, our world has begun to separate from one another and each parallel world started constructing its own different consequences in its space and time.

In 2015, we basically had to choose our train that we get on (choosing our direction and start walking on that path). However, it's still POSSIBLE to move to another train (in 2018, train has already left its station and already heading to its destination).

Remember the more time passes, the more difficult and challenging it will be for you to greatly change your direction since your energy is getting MORE clear and strong due to the energy shift.

Does this make sense to you?

It's getting harder for us to be who we are not, as our energy statement becoming more clear.

This goes for every being on this planet...

I don't mean to scare you off, but I have to inform that we don't have it as much as we think. The train already left its station in 2015.

But luckily, at this time we still can choose new direction relatively easily.

What's important is we must start walking on our desired path as soon as possible, and try to become more of who we want to be as early as possible, otherwise, you may end up living a life you didn't prefer at all. 

"The trouble is you think you have time." - Buddha

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So if you're currently struggling with the negativity and waiting for it to heal itself, let me tell you... 

It's NOT gonna happen by waiting. Take action and start walking on the path of healing before it's too late. I'm not trying to scare you, but telling you the truth. You should really take damn actions if you really want to change your life.


This year is a VERY important year for you to become who you really are (being more aligned with yourself) so you can walk on the path of what you truly desire.

So what is this transformational shift all about after all?...

It means negative people will experience more and more negativity, while positive people experience more and more positivity. This will be more salient and clear as time passes by.

This is why I keep telling you that we don't have much time left, because energy isn't gonna stay the same at all. It's constantly changing just like everything in the universe.

5. Drop All Burdens That Are Holding You Back in Life

Watch this video below to deepen your awareness about what we are currently experiencing and understand about the multiverse. 

If you watched this video from Bashar (my favorite spiritual teacher), you now understand it doesn't mean everyone can go to a higher (positive) vibrational dimension since we all individually live in our own parallel reality, where there is an infinite number of realities (universes) and we are merely experiencing one of the realities that mostly represents our vibration from moment to moment.

I'm sure you are clearly seeing THIS energy shift in your life...


For example, those people and things who don't simply resonate with you anymore are probably already gone from your life, aren't they? It's because your vibration doesn't match with theirs anymore and they have to get out of your life in various ways.

As Bashar says in the video, eventually, you will no longer interact with them meaning they (who doesn't match with your vibe) will disappear from your life − they find themselves out in a variety of ways. As this exactly happened to me, a person who I once strongly believed that she would never leave, actually left by herself. But honestly, I was not surprised at all considering the difference in our vibration we had at the end of our relationship.

Things That Doesn't Resonate With You Will Leave

It was obvious to me looking at the end of our relationship, she was literally a completely different person, while I was more positive and happier, and trying to help her become the same since she was a very important person to me.

But all she did was shutting herself off and reject me every time I tried to help her.

It seemed she was preferably choosing to stay in the negativity. It sounds odd, but I honestly thought so from observing her behaviors and attitude.

Our vibration became too different. It was impossible for us to keep staying together emotionally and physically, unless either of us change and adapt to one's vibration. It was very exhausting for each other, so we chose to walk on our separated path.

She disappeared from my life. There's no interaction anymore which is okay, because she simply doesn't belong to me anymore, to my vibration anymore. Holding onto something which is not mine will only cause more conflicts and pain, there is no happiness in there.

My advise for you this year is...

Let go of what doesn't resonate with you anymore and be more of who you really are.


Things that don't resonate with you are only a burden for you. If it feels very heavy, DROP it because it doesn't belong to you.

Holding Onto Burdens Will Bring More Pains

However, I know how hard it is to let go of someone you once loved or who's been with you for a long time. But you go on, you must accept that everyone changes. Sometimes, a person becomes someone else that they never promised to be, but that's life, and it's okay. 


There's no way you can't change about them. All you can do is change YOURSELF and accept the way that person/situation is, or simply let go of it.

It's really tiring to live with such burden which requires you an immense amount of effort, dedications, and energy to stick with.

I bet you're already aware of that... My friend, there's no way that you have to keep taking them with you, you can let it go.

It's not good for you, and for them too.

However, it's your freedom to stick with your burden, or wait and expect the person/situation to change, but most likely you will just find yourself being disappointed since you are *expecting* it to happen.


By expecting, you're relying your happiness on the outside. If you want to be happy, don't expect anything for others or things to change as you prefer. Don't try to change them. Don't try so hard to hold onto something that is wanting to go or change. 

A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be, and then making the best of it.

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6. Let it Be & Go with the Flow!

Let them be whoever they want, they have their lessons to learn in their own experience. So let go of the person and get out of the relationship/friendship if it's being toxic to you... because you deserve more.


Please relax and know it's okay, because what's meant to stay will stay and always come back, without any stress and effort. I can almost guarantee you that because this happened to me many times.

It just happens smoothly and naturally by synchronicity, especially when you are in aligned with your true self

7. It's Your Turn to Change Your World

This year, you should learn how to let go of people and things that don't serve you happiness anymore, this is the most important thing in life and I'm glad I did! Losing people and things will be happening more frequently since our state of beings are getting more crystal clear every day, so is our reality.


In around 2045-50, you will no longer meet people and experience things that are not in your vibration, even it's now possible to co-exist around people who are totally opposite of you in the vibrational level. These things and people are necessary for us to discover ourselves and define who we are, and to know what we want to become, and what kind of reality we REALLY want.

If you never know what's like to be sad, you can't know what's like to be happy. Right? Like this way, opposite symbols are necessary for us to discover more about ourselves and know what we really desire so that we can CHOOSE our direction and reality.

That's why God created us in the first place, to understand himself. If there's nothing to compare, you'll never know who you really are.

Remember, once again, you don't have enough time as much as think. The speed of the energy shift (transformation) is getting faster as time passes, even at this very moment.

The more you wait, it becomes more difficult and challenging for you to turn around and experience things that you are not. So it's important to decide who you really are and what you want to be or do... and choose that path believing it will take you to the desired place.

Choosing your path isn't enough.

You have to start taking action - what you've decided, and that's the most important thing!

If you think you are currently walking on the wrong path, then you'd better hurry and turn around to change your path before it's too late. It's not a lot but you still have time.

You are free to choose but you are not free from the consequence of your own choice.

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No matter what you have done, or where you've ever been before, if you are seriously willing to do whatever it takes for your dream.... and truly trust yourself, then there is nothing that you can't achieve.

I believe in you.

It's your time to change your world and become who you really are.

Get started right now!

Claim Your Desires Fearlessly

That being said, what do you want to achieve the most and how would you like to grow in this year?

Do you think you are walking on the right path?

Speak your truth and express it fully in the comments below, to show the Universe you want it more than anything. It's much better than just saying it in your head.

Also l may be able to give you some tips to achieve your goals, so let me know in the comments if you have any question, feedback or etc :)

Did it help?

If you liked this article and was helpful for you, please spread this message by sharing on your social media, blog, forum or anywhere else. This is a really important message for ALL of us who's living today.

I'm very thankful for your contribution to my blog and humanity.

May this year bring you all that your heart and soul desire, may you receive all your blessings, obvious or disguised, with grace and gratitude.

This article has been updated on 04/18/20 (originally published in 2016)

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